Monthly Archives: April 2014

Shifting to New Earth, WAVES OF LOVE!


Been feeling a lovey dovey in the air? Been tearing up easily? Or feeling out of sorts?  I wanted to share a short message about a WAVE OF LOVE that is happening as we speak.

This Wave of Love is a major shift in energies that began early this year. The Lunar Eclipse (14-15th April), the Cardinal Grand Cross (23rd-24th April) and thereafter marks the next phase of energies to heal and uplift Humanity.

Dubbed “THE EVENT”, it is a time where many, and I mean, many, people are said to experience a love they never experienced before in this lifetime. Feelings of bliss, joy, happiness, compassion for others, a remembering.

A shift to ‘Heart Consciousness’ means dramatic change within oneself, transforming relationships, transforming communities, transforming workplaces, transforming governments. Shifting humanity on an EVOLUTIONARY scale by the sound and feel of things.

Yes this is something gooey for your insides… I’m looking forward to some magical changes.


Wishing you a peaceful, easy WAVE OF LOVE for NEW EARTH! 🙂


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