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Memoirs of New Earth ~ 1

Dawn-New-EarthI’ve been hearing from a few people they have been releasing some good frustration/anger in the last few weeks, whether it has been children or adults.  I had one example of someone not doing too great in the last month or so, since the last round of X Flares, the Lunar Eclipse and the massive shift that occurred on the 22nd of September.  Even myself, the last month has seen some shifts happening in my life and was quite a busy month for so many around me. No wonder a few sparks were flying here and there.

Then, I have come to hear how a good few are stepping up to their new responsibilities, in patient contemplation and reflection until divine time comes.  I guess we have all been in preparation for some time.  For this ‘new lease on life’.  I still feel like I’m not ready, and this morning, past week or so, I have been reluctant to take up ‘the responsibilities’ after such a long cleansing phase in my life.

A sad few moments hearing of a couple of veterans that have passed over, one person ready to pass over, others leaving to new roles that will bring them happiness or the freedom they have long been waiting for.  I’m sad they are leaving because it means I too have to step up. This relationship of mentor/student is and has been a comfortable one.

Today a little cry,  felt like ‘it really is coming to an end’ (I don’t mean end of life) this phase in my life is closing and it really is happening.  I didn’t think this would make me sad, I was so geared up for the changes to happen, now realising I’m going to miss them.  I just really want to enjoy the last few moments before the dawn comes.  Although, visually I see the dawn has already begun.

I know in my heart I am ready, but my head is saying I don’t want to do this.  The train horn has been going off for months now, time to begin.

Diana, Loving New Earth.

Image Source. ‘Glowing’. JanneG from CC0 Public Domain Attribution.

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