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Memoirs of New Earth ~ Healing Retreats & Old Stuff


Photo taken by Diana Jurik from Loving New Earth instagram”.

I have been away from the blog for sometime now, and quietly posting on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been attending quiet a few courses (a healing retreat, a channeling course and a healing course) over the last few months. Where this is solidly taking me I don’t know, I have missed posting and have been pondering my desire to take things to the next level.

The Healing Retreats have been intense and I’ve needed a heap of quiet reflection time and sleep! Body aches and all! This hasn’t been the only thing that has kept me away, school holidays and starting a fresh new year at school for the little one has been a massive adjustment to my system, on top of these extra curricular activities.

Apologies if I haven’t been able to respond to you yet, this mamma has had a bit of a load to let go off, literally.

I hope to begin writing again and so much more, so much is happening about the world that I want to share, but talk about old wounds that need healing. Stuff from the past, stuff from old relationships and stuff I no longer need to worry about. Stuff that’s keeping me from going forward in life.

If anyone is interested in healing past trauma, old wounds or want to take their life to a whole other level, I really do recommend taking that personal growth course or going to that healing retreat. Even taking time to be still and quiet is enough to allow yourself to heal.

So let’s do this and start building Heaven on Earth already! xxoo