Monthly Archives: July 2016

Pain, Me and UNITY

I’ve been experiencing pain, with my back, neck and left side of my face. Until this pain or even heartbreak, life was pretty easy, seeing the solution was easy, feeling that sense of community and WE (Unity) was easy.

I had no idea how experiencing pain could change things, things that were simple to a miraculous achievement. Such as, getting up from bed. Feeling the Joy of life. Feeling the capacity to do things such as work. The ability to move. Typing this post from my mini-smart phone is a miracle.

Not a pleasant experience being a Mother. I much prefer patience, love and kindness.

So I guess this an opportunity to resolve some old pain, allow compassion to emerge. A new appreciation for life. A new appreciation and love for my body. Re-emerging from me to WE.

Let’s pray for a smooth adjustment for ALL ♡

Diana ♡


Powershop, Choosing A Responsible Energy Retailer



I’ve been a customer of Powershop for about 6 months now.  Sustainability and environmental care are important to me, and these guys are a breath of fresh air.

It is nice to see new companies and new services and products, that are aligning to self-governance and self-responsibility, as you are not in the dark about your power usage and costs.

Powershop have an impressive mobile app that has helped with managing my budget. You can pre-purchase electricty, using the graphs to see your estimated usage for the month.

A great part of the service is the option to buy Green Energy as you choose. Other retailers usually have a lock-in green power percentage. I’ve been able to easily manage my budget and buy green power where I can.

Other cool features are their Carbon Neutral efforts and having been voted Australia’s Greenest Power Company by Greenpeace Australia.

There is also the kind gesture that customers receive a $75 credit when you refer a friend. That is for both accounts, you and the family/friend receive a generous $75 credit.

This is a first, writing about a service/product that I highly recommend. And yes, if you do choose to refer my name I can receive the $75 offer. ♡

I had wanted to find partner organisations to support the financial side of things. That way I could focus on writing. These guys may be on my ‘recommended’ page in the near future once I decide where this blog is going.

I really feel we shouldn’t have to pay for electricity (absurd), as it’s a basic necessity, until that day, which is not far off, I recommend these guys as a step in the right direction.

Happy decision making!

Diana ♡ (Jurik)