Powershop, Choosing A Responsible Energy Retailer



I’ve been a customer of Powershop for about 6 months now.  Sustainability and environmental care are important to me, and these guys are a breath of fresh air.

It is nice to see new companies and new services and products, that are aligning to self-governance and self-responsibility, as you are not in the dark about your power usage and costs.

Powershop have an impressive mobile app that has helped with managing my budget. You can pre-purchase electricty, using the graphs to see your estimated usage for the month.

A great part of the service is the option to buy Green Energy as you choose. Other retailers usually have a lock-in green power percentage. I’ve been able to easily manage my budget and buy green power where I can.

Other cool features are their Carbon Neutral efforts and having been voted Australia’s Greenest Power Company by Greenpeace Australia.

There is also the kind gesture that customers receive a $75 credit when you refer a friend. That is for both accounts, you and the family/friend receive a generous $75 credit.

This is a first, writing about a service/product that I highly recommend. And yes, if you do choose to refer my name I can receive the $75 offer. ♡

I had wanted to find partner organisations to support the financial side of things. That way I could focus on writing. These guys may be on my ‘recommended’ page in the near future once I decide where this blog is going.

I really feel we shouldn’t have to pay for electricity (absurd), as it’s a basic necessity, until that day, which is not far off, I recommend these guys as a step in the right direction.

Happy decision making!

Diana ♡ (Jurik)


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