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Community Gardens Adventure

I went a visiting a few local community gardens this week around Melbourne’s Northern suburbs. Our place is a studio with a gorgeous balcony where I intend to grow a few edible plants. However, I came across an advert for local community garden and thought it a wonderful idea to also have a garden plot.

It was a beautiful adventure. Yet sadly found a couple of them had waiting lists. I was told one of them could possibly be a year. But also wonderful news to see growing food is.. growing. Ha!

A few photos of the local community gardens in Melbourne’s North East. Quite beautiful spaces for communing, gathering and collaboration. A hum of New Earth??

1. West Brunswick Community Garden & Food Forest.

Boasting a trail of fruit picking tree..

2. Northcote Community Garden.

A beautifully established community garden alongside the rail line. Having a gorgeous undercover communal space. 

3. West Preston Community Garden.

A newly built garden next to a primary school. It’s highlight? A sand pit for the little ones.

Good News for New Earth.

Diana ♡


Spring, Birth of New. 

Spring is here. Geez has it been a slow winter and not an easy one at times. Yet despite a few tiny bumps, we have been finding our feet in life. I am eager for the birth of rewards!

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Diana xx