Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Light Side – Ear Pain and Mastery

Funnily enough I have a cold and a cough. It has been such a long time since I have had a cold.. that it just feels terrible! Along with this cold I am experiencing ear pain. And those that have had an ear infection may understand what I’m about to describe. Noise is just painful.

With this I’ve had to speak to my son about lowering his voice (who enjoys a fair bit of screeching during the day).. lowering the ipad.. lowering the computer.

Then realising two things. Let me refresh that, three things.

A. I could be more assertive with my childs hehaviour and not ‘kind and understanding all the time’.

B. I then realised how noisy my own actions where in the home. I’m not a very loud person, I’m definitely not screaming all day. It is more.. the knife hittng the plate. The dishes clanging. Oh my!

The outcome? Me slowing down snd being mindful of my movements. Paying attention to what I am doing. Being gentle. Any person has met me would probably laugh.. you?? need to be gentle??

I’ve noticed my movements have been ‘in haste’ and ‘abrupt’ at times. And signal this to physical mastery. Hence the desire to attend dance class or yoga.

C. Ear pain is a good sign to master listening. What do I listen? Am I really listening from a place of love with loved ones? Do I hear/listen to my heart? Reminding myself I don’t have to listen or pay attention to needless things.

So the light side of this… Mastery and Self-Care. Not a pleasant way to learn mastery. Thankfully I was still able to enjoy my birthday. ❤ Off to some yoga…

Diana xx