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C’mon Seriously!


This may be small fry, but c’mon! This is not the first time litter has been just thrown outside the apartment block.



Cecil the Lion: What can we heal?

Source: BBC News.

Should we condone the Killing of Cecil the Lion? I’m seeing a lot of fury and sadness around the death of Cecil the Lion. As an activist for environmental protection and health, of course this was upsetting. But I have to speak frankly and say, this event was something I could learn from. I knew tha tI oculd not judge this man. Why? Simply put, how could I judge this man for killing a Lion, when I, when needed, I have eaten meat.

Does this not contribute to the mass killing of animals around the world. Are fish, cows and chickens less equal to an endangered Lion. Has humanity become so indiffernt to eating meat that the death on millions of animals worldwide is okay, but the death of a lion is not.

Okay so many can say, this lion is endangered. Okay fair enough. Why are there none left? Well  there are a few individuals that feel killing an animal is okay. For sport.

Okay, so the death of the millions, of animals, happens each day. This occurs simply. For food. To survive.

This is truth for many on the planet at this time. But can I draw attention to the reference and lack of concern to the words “kill” and “survive”. Do you want to be part of this reality? Can humanity leap beyond this consciousness to “birth” and “thrive”? Hell yes.

I’m not saying don’t eat meat. Although this is where humanity is headed whether you like it or not. Only you can make that choice. I’m not saying slaughtering a Lion for sport is okay. However, there is a deep lesson for all of humanity.

Loving New Earth xx

Plant a Tree for World Water Day

I’ve made a $5 donation to The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation for‪ #‎WorldWaterDay‬ Tree planting is one of many ways to restore water to our environment, sustain local communities, heal poverty and lack. Glad to be able to contribute to a global restoration project. Gratitude FTPF!

There could not be a more practical way to participate in co-creating Heaven on Earth! Donate to FTPF here

Love Diana xxoo

Love you Gaia xxoo

My valentines Gaia and River… for valentine’s my son and I spent some time by the river with flowers for Gaia. This beautiful being who nourishes, sustains and provides for the daily things in our lives. From furniture to clothing, to food. Not to mention our bodies are made from earth, water, fire and air. This is the time for no more trashing, polluting and spoiling what is sacred.



Love you Gaia xxoo