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Pain, Me and UNITY

I’ve been experiencing pain, with my back, neck and left side of my face. Until this pain or even heartbreak, life was pretty easy, seeing the solution was easy, feeling that sense of community and WE (Unity) was easy.

I had no idea how experiencing pain could change things, things that were simple to a miraculous achievement. Such as, getting up from bed. Feeling the Joy of life. Feeling the capacity to do things such as work. The ability to move. Typing this post from my mini-smart phone is a miracle.

Not a pleasant experience being a Mother. I much prefer patience, love and kindness.

So I guess this an opportunity to resolve some old pain, allow compassion to emerge. A new appreciation for life. A new appreciation and love for my body. Re-emerging from me to WE.

Let’s pray for a smooth adjustment for ALL ♡

Diana ♡


Life At The Moment and June Solstice

Seems to be a lull happening.. whereby a few people are ‘laying low’… oh and I am one. Only to discover this instagram post that feels to bear truth. Waiting, consolidating and preparing for a flurry of activity.


Creative freedom, financial freedom, personal freedom.. are themes that are lingering in the air.


Which brings us to… June 20th, Summer / Winter Solstice.




either of the two times in the year, thesummer solstice and the winter solstice, when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and shortest days.

I never knew Solstice was celebrated until my son was enrolled at a Steiner / Reggio school. What a beautiful celebration it is. A coming together of people, feasting on winter foods and a lantern walk, enjoyed by adults and children.

Funny how there are public holidays for a Queen’s birthday. When traditionally celebrations were marked by seasonal / astrological events. Such as Chinese New Year and Easter.

It is now nice to have come to a natural way of life where things such as earth-time, (nature’s cycles) are acknowledged. And not just revolved around things such as what time does the department store close??? 🙂

Wishing all a joyful Solstice.

Happy Solstice 💜

Apologies for any typos/non-sense, my laptop is still MIA… doing my best with my now screen cracked smartphone! 😦

A Night of Joy

I have been writing little the past few months, personally writing yes, but not so much here on this blog. I recently moved to a new place, end of year commitments, dental surgery for my son, Christmas / New Years, family challenges out of my control, job hunting and house hunting. No wonder I have been not been writing.

So the last few weeks have really been a time of rest, glad it is school holidays, school feels like such a huge commitment. This could be the ‘newbie’ to kids and schooling. Yes extremely glad for the quiet time, no real commitments, besides job hunting. As if Motherhood is not a real commitment in itself. Hello!

Really the last few weeks have been a time of rejuvenation, contemplation and letting go of any old baggage for the year ahead. My body has felt just broken, tender and tired. I won’t lie, there were some really tough circumstances I had to will myself to be HERE and NOW. To say NO MORE.

I had hoped the decision for re-birthing this blog would have come about already, obviously it has not, but I remind myself, you cannot beat a tree to grow, life flows, and all unfolds in divine timing.

So I wanted to share this photo and moment I had a week or so ago, which was magical and a milestone – spiritually. I felt a divine reunion with nature, with life, I was laughing and crying and felt ‘God’ returning to me. I could play again with life itself, I could laugh again, just purely out of being here.

There is a divineness in life that many people are missing, a loneliness or ‘something’ not quite right. The beauty after experiencing this, all you need do is let go, and reunite with what is rightfully you.

As each person reunites with life and who they are personally, how could we not build a heavenly earth together.

Diana xxoo

Rainbow Shine.


Little Charley Bear (C) BBC. Photo from ABC4Kids Australia.

Been feeling sad about the closure of old relationships and old way of living. It is obviously a new start for me, so I’m annoyed a little annoyed that this has come up.

No better reason, than to let this sadness go, so this rainbow can shine.

Thanks Little Charley Bear xx

Memoirs of New Earth ~ Vulnerability

I have been feeling vulnerable lately, around people, around situations I would not normally feel uncomfortable at. But I guess this is what is, being comfortable in this newness, like a new born, aware of the surroundings, scared of what might happen. Should I come out? I don’t know. Peering to the light. Of course it is a YES.

My eyes, adjusting to the light. How can I feel vulnerable in the light? All will be okay.


Source: Pixabay.

Burst of Light ~ Prophecy, Trumpets & Light


Last week I got this feeling of a burst of light about to happen. This may be the thing that has been hinting in my direction for a couple of weeks now. I feel a flurry in my tummy writing this.

But as with most ‘feelings/intuition’ there is no timeframe attached. It doesn’t come with a Add to Calendar feature. It feels imminent, but it may be referring to something within the year.

It was also just a few days ago that my throat just began humming, in such a way I thought it sounded like heralding trumpets. For those who are not familiar with prophecy or the revelations, the bible refers to the sounding of the Seven Trumpets.

It has happened that many people have interpreted the sounding of the Seven Trumpets as gloom and doom times. However from personal experience, having felt ‘the future’, this is not the case. So for any person(s) worried about the future, don’t be.

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

King James Bible 

It does feel like an enormous miracle is about to come to life. Love a bit of Prophecy. Yay!

So Let There Be Light,

Diana xxoo

Jupiter Rising sucker for love xxoo


I just watched my first 3D film, Jupiter Rising and I enjoyed it! I don’t go to the cinemas often and I do not really watch war films or things that are gruesome or out to scare you. But this film really covers so many aspects of ‘truth’ that many people have not come by yet in this lifetime.

I can’t believe the best bit in the entire film, or the part where I started to enjoy the film, as they cover the farmhouse of bees and flowers, there is a white orchid with a bee flying about it, I was in wonder. Wow. Following with Jupiter’s flow with the bees. Loved it.

I walked away so pleased, especially with the added romantic theme to the story. I did feel a sense of remembrance for why I am here, that I love Earth! Yes there is so much beauty here!

Even though it doesn’t really teach you about reincarnation I thought it was great how they covered it, there was a great bit about Earth’s history that seems to ring true somewhat. Not to mention the awesome abilities and technologies we can look forward too – not talking about the weaponry! ha!

Sucker for love xxoo

Love you Gaia xxoo

My valentines Gaia and River… for valentine’s my son and I spent some time by the river with flowers for Gaia. This beautiful being who nourishes, sustains and provides for the daily things in our lives. From furniture to clothing, to food. Not to mention our bodies are made from earth, water, fire and air. This is the time for no more trashing, polluting and spoiling what is sacred.



Love you Gaia xxoo

**I declare PEACE**


A beautiful team of people and a big some have committed to anchoring peace on earth for humanity, for Gaia.

Valentine’s Day, which continues on for the northern hemisphere is where we can all be part of anchoring peace.

To end war and violence and restore equality. To end war within is to end war around the world. Would you like to be part of this? All there is to do is declare peace.

Each citizen around the globe has the power to do this. Funny how something so powerful and yet so simple has been overlooked.

Diana, Loving New Earth

Utopia. It means Paradise.


There are a few movies that I absolutely LOVE. Ever After is one of them.  It’s no coincidence that it refers to Sir Thomas Moore’s, Utopia. I believe it was the first time I was introduced to the phrase Utopia. I was amazed to hear someone had written a book about a Utopian society…Yes! I’m not the only one!

It’s so nice to have discovered over the last few years, there are thousands, millions of people who do not settle for the status quo. Millions of people participating in the building a ‘Utopian’ society, journalists, human rights activists, environmental activists, whistleblowers, volunteers, social entrepreneurs, healers, artists, researchers and many more. Yes it really is that simple.

I think it is important to not lose sight of why we are here. To wish for your dream life, dream of paradise, gives you a goal, a standard to progress towards.

Utopia is possible, and can be felt. It’s not just a something you read. Or for dreamers. It’s something to feel. Even on my “worst” day, I will still light up at the thought of it.

for Utopia and beyond,


*** “Utopia… it means Paradise” from the movie Ever After.