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The Jesus Book

And here’s the second!

This is one book that’s on my to read list. I’ve heard such good things about this book. I must admit it’s not a book that I thought would be on my list of ‘to read’. It is however all related to the Building of Heaven on Earth.

The Jesus Book by Linda Dillon.

thejesusbook_lindadillon“This isn’t another book about Jesus – this book is Jesus talking directly to us, reminding us that his messages of love have never changed. Jesus is inviting us to walk with him once again and hear his messages for the twenty-first century.

Jesus takes our hand and reminds us about the true meaning of love–love of self, family, neighbors, our planet and Mother/Father/One Source. He is doing so by talking about his own life experiences on Earth. He is answering up many of the unanswered questions we have had about his life.

Jesus once again reaches out to us, in modern language and with practical advice and insights. He is calling out to all people of the planet to hear his words again—his messages for the twenty-first century.”

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The Jesus Book: Messages for the 21st Century

The Jesus Book (Illustrated): Messages for the 21st Century (Illustrated)


Loving  New Earth xx


Ubuntu: A Liberation Movement

Just a short update on a wonderful presentation by Michael Tellinger, the founder of a growing liberation Movement named ‘Ubuntu’. What started as a grassroots philosophy is now a political and people’s movement across the globe.

If you are ready to transform your communities to living breathing places of love please check out their website. You can also donate to this growing movement, let’s start shifting the money where we can make the best possible progress for humanity.



This is a recording of his workshop at Perth, tour for Australia 2015. Enjoy!

Dear Greece,



Don’t worry about bankruptcy. Don’t worry about debt. Don’t worry about the past. Bankruptcy is a good thing. A fresh start. They will not die if do not pay them, and people will thrive because of this.

Would you chase a a child to pay you back for a lolly pop owed to you? No. So compassion and kindness goes along way when we see each other for the love that we are.

The IMF will not be around for much longer, nor many other institutions, so there is no cause for fretting about paying them back. You would be paying back money to those who have used it against the very people of the world. Who DO use it to their advantage.

So the saying goes, what you feed, grows.

Do not let the past drag you back to what was. Then how can you see what IS here to be utilised to restore Greece to a New Glory.

Do the best that you can do with the money and potential you have NOW. Let the debts go and start afresh. A person who would chase you down for debts is acting no less than predatory. Let them be and say NO. Then re-building can begin.

Let us let go of this massive worldwide owing scheme and let everyone start anew with a brand new outlook on how we spend money, what spend on and how we treat each other. How we treat ourselves.

I love Greece, even though I haven’t been there this lifetime. I hope to visit one day!

Congratulations on New Beginnings,

Diana xxoo

Beyond Politics: New Earth Governance


I’ve been feeling sick and tired of the political arena, hearing the same chatter and dialogue I was hearing fours years ago. I want a new government, a new gathering of people. I’m so ready, that I feel a new governance is coming soon. One that will be a gathering of people, leaders and communities who are ready to leave the debate.

Many people know of this already. But while others are scrambling for outdated solutions to secure their power or to get what they want, new governance is coming into existence.

Those who see it, have already made their decision to walk away from the old systems and beliefs. Those who are yet to see it, are still caught up in debate, old thinking and blame. Because there is no real debate when it comes to the heart of the matter.

Do we really want to proceed with governments and institutions that were created for self interest? Do you begin a new painting on an old canvas? Actually we have a clean slate.

Many people are pushing and fighting for what the government needs to do. This has had it’s place in things. So when more than enough people tire of the old, new governance will come together. Swiftly and peacefully.

I am ready to see and be part of creating new leadership bodies, ones that are not filled with professionalism, bureaucracy, old foundations and inefficient global solutions. New Institutions formed by a new generation of leaders founded on peace, justice, fairness, equality and harmony. That will allow lasting solutions for the betterment of Humanity.

I feel inspired to gather with others who are ready.

Diana xo

Notes. Yes, I choose to write ‘government’ in lowercase purposely.