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C’mon Seriously!


This may be small fry, but c’mon! This is not the first time litter has been just thrown outside the apartment block.



Peace for Paradise


So much has transpired in the last few months and watching a clip from Fox News regarding recent violent attacks in France has led me to release this. Violence or begetting violence doest not create paradise.

Be peace and you will create paradise.

MT RANT: Don’t judge a book by your own cover.


I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling into my new path in life and settling into this new me. Sleeping, writing, running around to find a new place to live. At the same time, I’ve encountered some pretty annoying attitudes that my work is worthless. That what I’m doing is not committed enough. Not big enough. Oh let’s not forget, I’m not DOING ENOUGH. Well let me tell you my spiritual work is WORK. And I’ve been committed for far many more years than you know. Just because it doesn’t have a flashy car or a bank account to prove anything doesn’t mean I ain’t going anywhere, or I am not committed. I am committed to building heaven on earth.

Ohh but it doesn’t look like a real job with a real payslip. Sad face. So? That doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Quick to scab wisdom, yet quicker to judge my circumstances.

Yes my financial system may look a bit dire, but so do those extra pounds and the type of food you shove in your mouth. Not to mention the words that come out of your mouth. Don’t judge a book by your own cover.

And this goes for all the people who feel like you’ve been shitted on for years, knowing deep down it is all for a greater purpose. Feeling what is to come. Experiencing things that are deemed a bit far fetched. Don’t let your outside circumstances define who you are. Don’t let unawakened Robots make you feel less than. Because you are not. You were never lost.

Someone, accusingly asked, were you lost and disorientated? Not knowing they were really asking “were you the crazy one”. Yes lost and disorientated but not for the reasons you think. Being lead by my heart doesn’t always look pretty and won’t feel great, but this can often lead you away from a group consciousness that holds you back from discovering who you are. To break you away from the repeat repeat cycle. You can’t sit in shit and say it ain’t going to affect you over time. When it’s time to leave or grow, it’s time to grow.

Some people don’t know why relationships shift and end sometimes and find ways to call people “crazy” or “blame” just to satisfy a pain they are feeling for things ending. When people leave or relationships dwindle this is a time when you no longer resonate at the same frequency. People shift and change, some people get sick and tired of the ignorance and accusations so would rather sit at a park quietly. Caterpillars morph into Butterflies. It is possible. So who wants to hang around people, when the first thing that matters is what you look like? What work you do. Who’s better. Seriously.

For the record, when you call people crazy you a living a broken record of the past, when peoples within religious institutions and authorities would be threatened by women and pagans. And essentially put them on a stake or crucify them. Just because you don’t understand what they are going through, doesn’t mean they’re crazy.

All to often people judge those who wander the streets and those who go through hardship as those who are the lost ones. The very people you may respect and follow and got conned by, are very much lost in their ways. Yes I am referring to the ones who write your laws that you abide by. And those that run global corporations, run banking institutions. Not all, but some.

People who look like they’re “LOST”, are discovering far greater wisdom and compassion than the norm gives credit for. For these souls are the first to stand up without judgement to be of service to his fellow human, without worrying about how much money they will get back in return.

I forgive people and ignorance who tell me what I should be doing and how I’m not doing things right, but that doesn’t mean I have to hang around and listen to crap. There’s nothing worse than a broken record playing.

People governed by their unhealed aspects will say things to judge and keep others down. Because you may not fit the bill. Sorry, that game is over.

Diana xxoo

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Beyond Politics: New Earth Governance


I’ve been feeling sick and tired of the political arena, hearing the same chatter and dialogue I was hearing fours years ago. I want a new government, a new gathering of people. I’m so ready, that I feel a new governance is coming soon. One that will be a gathering of people, leaders and communities who are ready to leave the debate.

Many people know of this already. But while others are scrambling for outdated solutions to secure their power or to get what they want, new governance is coming into existence.

Those who see it, have already made their decision to walk away from the old systems and beliefs. Those who are yet to see it, are still caught up in debate, old thinking and blame. Because there is no real debate when it comes to the heart of the matter.

Do we really want to proceed with governments and institutions that were created for self interest? Do you begin a new painting on an old canvas? Actually we have a clean slate.

Many people are pushing and fighting for what the government needs to do. This has had it’s place in things. So when more than enough people tire of the old, new governance will come together. Swiftly and peacefully.

I am ready to see and be part of creating new leadership bodies, ones that are not filled with professionalism, bureaucracy, old foundations and inefficient global solutions. New Institutions formed by a new generation of leaders founded on peace, justice, fairness, equality and harmony. That will allow lasting solutions for the betterment of Humanity.

I feel inspired to gather with others who are ready.

Diana xo

Notes. Yes, I choose to write ‘government’ in lowercase purposely.