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Heaven on Earth

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Diana xx


The Jesus Book

And here’s the second!

This is one book that’s on my to read list. I’ve heard such good things about this book. I must admit it’s not a book that I thought would be on my list of ‘to read’. It is however all related to the Building of Heaven on Earth.

The Jesus Book by Linda Dillon.

thejesusbook_lindadillon“This isn’t another book about Jesus – this book is Jesus talking directly to us, reminding us that his messages of love have never changed. Jesus is inviting us to walk with him once again and hear his messages for the twenty-first century.

Jesus takes our hand and reminds us about the true meaning of love–love of self, family, neighbors, our planet and Mother/Father/One Source. He is doing so by talking about his own life experiences on Earth. He is answering up many of the unanswered questions we have had about his life.

Jesus once again reaches out to us, in modern language and with practical advice and insights. He is calling out to all people of the planet to hear his words again—his messages for the twenty-first century.”

Buy from Amazon.

The Jesus Book: Messages for the 21st Century

The Jesus Book (Illustrated): Messages for the 21st Century (Illustrated)


Loving  New Earth xx

The Evolution of the Human Energy Field and Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny.

Hello New Earth Lovers!

I’m compiling a selection of books that are dedicated to the emergence of New Earth. Hopefully you’ll feel as inspired and hopeful as I was after reading or touching base with the people and wisdom they’ve shared.

First up, ‘The Evolution of the Human Energy Field’ by David Winfree. This was an amazing read. Or should I say an amazing listen. I had the pleasure of lazing back in my sister’s lounge room, listening to her read at night. I especially loved his insights on education… as if hearing my own thoughts and heart on paper.


The Evolution of the Human Energy Filed and Humanity’s Ultimate Destiny.

By David Winfree & Cristo L. Bowers. Illustrated by Diane Wilson.

“This book greatly expands our knowledge of the human energy field. It is filled with a plenitude of valuable new insights about the human energy field, based on the clairvoyant observations of Cristo L. Bowers. It provides profound new insights about the Primary Chakra, directly below the feet, and describes the purpose and the function of the Twelve Lines of Force that extend along the outer edges of the energy field. The nature, function and relationships between the Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Chakras (the higher centers of consciousness above the head) are explained. A chapter on healing energy sheds much new light on the different types of healing energies, the role of the Palm Chakras, the channels of healing energy, and the unique healing modality of each individual. Significant new knowledge is also provided about the chakras, from the Crown to the Root, and their interrelationships.

This book explains how the human energy field evolves, its current state and its ultimate state, as individuals evolve and transform to higher levels of consciousness. This book provides valuable information about archetypal patterns. It offers potentially life-changing insights about the profound influence upon each human personality of the more than 30 archetypal patterns that are found within each human energy field. The Primary Archetype, Core Issue, Devotional Heart Chakra Archetype, Monadic Archetype, and the Highest Archetypal Path in This Life, are discussed in detail. The chapter on beliefs offers the most complete description yet pertaining to the negative beliefs and positive beliefs in the human energy field and how to remove the negative beliefs.

Vibrational similitude (the foundation of the Law of Attraction) and how one may successfully utilize vibrational similitude in one’s life are explained. The relationship between SPIRIT, Logos, Monad, Ego, and the individual Personality, and how the Personality may connect with the higher centers of consciousness is explored. The nature of the Divine Cosmic Cycle, Logos, Divine Cosmic Archetype, and their influence on us is addressed. Humanity’s multidimensional nature and the evolutionary relationship and interplay of consciousness, energy, and form, across energetic levels are illuminated. For spiritual seekers, valuable insights are provided for understanding the paradoxical nature of unity and diversity and of oneness and the sense of an individuated self. Much valuable information is shared regarding how individuals may raise their consciousness, achieve spiritual growth, and transform their energy fields to function at a much higher level. This book also points to how this knowledge may have valuable social applications.

This book covers more ground and adds more helpful, detailed spiritual and metaphysical knowledge about the spiritual/energetic underpinnings of human existence than any other book in recent years. It moves ahead, extending our knowledge, from where Rudolph Steiner, Alice Bailey, Geoffrey Hodson, Charles Leadbeater, and Barbara Brennan left off. This book will appeal to individuals interested in raising human consciousness, esoteric healing, energy healing, spiritual growth and transformation, akashic field, auras, subtle energy, chakras, metaphysics, spirituality, meditation, yoga, mysticism, and enlightenment. Individuals from the Unity, Interfaith, Theosophical, Anthroposophical, Spiritualist, Advaita/Non-duality, and New Thought communities, and individuals who are spiritual but not religious, will be especially drawn to this book.

This ebook was prepared, revised, and formatted to ebook specifications from the second revision of the print edition of the book by the same name. Cristo L. Bowers’ teachings and clairvoyant insights provide the foundation information for the contents of this book.”

Buy on Amazon. (Click the link below for the ebook)



Happy reading! Diana xx

Merry Christmas xx

Merry Christmas to you guys. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas.

Cannot believe the year is coming to a close. I want to thank you for signing up to this blog. And really appreciate the support and pm’s for my posts and this space.

I’m hoping Loving New Earth comes back strong and shining bright next year.

Diana xx
Loving New Earth.

Beautifully Mundane.

I went for a stroll through a city park after feeling so stricken by some new energies that occurred last night. As I strolled through the park, I noticed how the magic and mystical was appearing before my eyes, yet again the world was appearing ‘different’.

I came home to the simplicity of cooking dinner and how beautiful the mundane feels now.  Appreciative.

Life is feeling the slow lane. Happy to be here on Earth during these times.


Loving New Earth, xx


The Light Side – Ear Pain and Mastery

Funnily enough I have a cold and a cough. It has been such a long time since I have had a cold.. that it just feels terrible! Along with this cold I am experiencing ear pain. And those that have had an ear infection may understand what I’m about to describe. Noise is just painful.

With this I’ve had to speak to my son about lowering his voice (who enjoys a fair bit of screeching during the day).. lowering the ipad.. lowering the computer.

Then realising two things. Let me refresh that, three things.

A. I could be more assertive with my childs hehaviour and not ‘kind and understanding all the time’.

B. I then realised how noisy my own actions where in the home. I’m not a very loud person, I’m definitely not screaming all day. It is more.. the knife hittng the plate. The dishes clanging. Oh my!

The outcome? Me slowing down snd being mindful of my movements. Paying attention to what I am doing. Being gentle. Any person has met me would probably laugh.. you?? need to be gentle??

I’ve noticed my movements have been ‘in haste’ and ‘abrupt’ at times. And signal this to physical mastery. Hence the desire to attend dance class or yoga.

C. Ear pain is a good sign to master listening. What do I listen? Am I really listening from a place of love with loved ones? Do I hear/listen to my heart? Reminding myself I don’t have to listen or pay attention to needless things.

So the light side of this… Mastery and Self-Care. Not a pleasant way to learn mastery. Thankfully I was still able to enjoy my birthday. ❤ Off to some yoga…

Diana xx

C’mon Seriously!


This may be small fry, but c’mon! This is not the first time litter has been just thrown outside the apartment block.


Powershop, Choosing A Responsible Energy Retailer



I’ve been a customer of Powershop for about 6 months now.  Sustainability and environmental care are important to me, and these guys are a breath of fresh air.

It is nice to see new companies and new services and products, that are aligning to self-governance and self-responsibility, as you are not in the dark about your power usage and costs.

Powershop have an impressive mobile app that has helped with managing my budget. You can pre-purchase electricty, using the graphs to see your estimated usage for the month.

A great part of the service is the option to buy Green Energy as you choose. Other retailers usually have a lock-in green power percentage. I’ve been able to easily manage my budget and buy green power where I can.

Other cool features are their Carbon Neutral efforts and having been voted Australia’s Greenest Power Company by Greenpeace Australia.

There is also the kind gesture that customers receive a $75 credit when you refer a friend. That is for both accounts, you and the family/friend receive a generous $75 credit.

This is a first, writing about a service/product that I highly recommend. And yes, if you do choose to refer my name I can receive the $75 offer. ♡

I had wanted to find partner organisations to support the financial side of things. That way I could focus on writing. These guys may be on my ‘recommended’ page in the near future once I decide where this blog is going.

I really feel we shouldn’t have to pay for electricity (absurd), as it’s a basic necessity, until that day, which is not far off, I recommend these guys as a step in the right direction.

Happy decision making!

Diana ♡ (Jurik)

What do you want this New Moon?

I’m amazed at this question as I just spent an afternoon (yesterday) cutting out some photos for a vision board. Timely too as the new moon approaches.

It seems I’ve caught a bug or flu. There was news of geomagnetic solar flares approaching this weekend also. That feeling of will this be over… am I going to make it?

There is something that would be nice, fearlessness and ease. I could say a couch, a washing machine would be nice.

I just read a post where a Mother was ‘saying goodbye to fear’. What an accomplishment!

Happy New Moon ♡