Give to Loving New Earth

Your contribution will greatly support my love and devotion for sharing New Earth Perspectives, experiences, projects and more. Your donations at this point will greatly help me breath financially but will also be shared as per my heart’s guidance. Yay!

I welcome donations through papal to lovingnewearth (at) or you can click below.

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Thank you to all those who have shown support or continue to come by and say hello. Much appreciated.

Diana xxoo

*Please note Loving New Earth is NOT a registered no-for-profit organisation, but I do accept donations for my work and gifts. Thank you!


Angel Investor / Coach

It’s been over a year now since I began Loving New Earth, and it is now time to also welcome some support for my work and future works.

This platform was created to share New Earth Perspectives for the Healing of Humanity’s Consciousness. Sharing personal entries, wisdom, forthcoming projects and inspiring stories centred around Sacred Sciences, Freedom, Equality, World Peace, New Governance, New Education, Well-being, Healing and of course…. Love.

Yes it is time to grow and light up! To enquire about how you can participate in the building of New Earth please follow the contact link above.

Diana xxoo


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