Angel Investor(s)

It’s been a few years  now that I have been tending to this beautiful place and now has come the time to request the assistance of a generous and kind Angel Investor / Business Partner to help grow and nourish this platform. What a milestone!

This platform is a place to share New Earth Perspectives, light, and inspiration. Many of the themes covered on this blog, and some projects to come are here to uplift and inspire individuals and communities around the world. Topics such as Heart Consciousness, Equality, Peace, Justice, Joy and Freedom. Oohhh and LOVE.

At this point, I would like to invite an Angel Investor / Business Partner who would like to contribute to the growth of a website and creations dedicated to demonstrating new ways and perspectives for creating a fair and equitable world for all.

The future outlook for my mission and this platform will include:

  • Highly Anticipated New Earth Social Enterprises/Projects (on the hyperspace shelf)
  • E-book
  • Peace Campaign

I do want to see this site and my creations come to life! If you would like to know more about how you can contribute to building Heaven on Earth please contact me using the contact link above.

Loving New Earth,

Diana xxoo


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