Powershop, Choosing A Responsible Energy Retailer



I’ve been a customer of Powershop for about 6 months now.  Sustainability and environmental care are important to me, and these guys are a breath of fresh air.

It is nice to see new companies and new services and products, that are aligning to self-governance and self-responsibility, as you are not in the dark about your power usage and costs.

Powershop have an impressive mobile app that has helped with managing my budget. You can pre-purchase electricty, using the graphs to see your estimated usage for the month.

A great part of the service is the option to buy Green Energy as you choose. Other retailers usually have a lock-in green power percentage. I’ve been able to easily manage my budget and buy green power where I can.

Other cool features are their Carbon Neutral efforts and having been voted Australia’s Greenest Power Company by Greenpeace Australia.

There is also the kind gesture that customers receive a $75 credit when you refer a friend. That is for both accounts, you and the family/friend receive a generous $75 credit.

This is a first, writing about a service/product that I highly recommend. And yes, if you do choose to refer my name I can receive the $75 offer. ♡

I had wanted to find partner organisations to support the financial side of things. That way I could focus on writing. These guys may be on my ‘recommended’ page in the near future once I decide where this blog is going.

I really feel we shouldn’t have to pay for electricity (absurd), as it’s a basic necessity, until that day, which is not far off, I recommend these guys as a step in the right direction.

Happy decision making!

Diana ♡ (Jurik)


Life At The Moment and June Solstice

Seems to be a lull happening.. whereby a few people are ‘laying low’… oh and I am one. Only to discover this instagram post that feels to bear truth. Waiting, consolidating and preparing for a flurry of activity.


Creative freedom, financial freedom, personal freedom.. are themes that are lingering in the air.


Which brings us to… June 20th, Summer / Winter Solstice.




either of the two times in the year, thesummer solstice and the winter solstice, when the sun reaches its highest or lowest point in the sky at noon, marked by the longest and shortest days.

I never knew Solstice was celebrated until my son was enrolled at a Steiner / Reggio school. What a beautiful celebration it is. A coming together of people, feasting on winter foods and a lantern walk, enjoyed by adults and children.

Funny how there are public holidays for a Queen’s birthday. When traditionally celebrations were marked by seasonal / astrological events. Such as Chinese New Year and Easter.

It is now nice to have come to a natural way of life where things such as earth-time, (nature’s cycles) are acknowledged. And not just revolved around things such as what time does the department store close??? 🙂

Wishing all a joyful Solstice.

Happy Solstice 💜

Apologies for any typos/non-sense, my laptop is still MIA… doing my best with my now screen cracked smartphone! 😦

What do you want this New Moon?

I’m amazed at this question as I just spent an afternoon (yesterday) cutting out some photos for a vision board. Timely too as the new moon approaches.

It seems I’ve caught a bug or flu. There was news of geomagnetic solar flares approaching this weekend also. That feeling of will this be over… am I going to make it?

There is something that would be nice, fearlessness and ease. I could say a couch, a washing machine would be nice.

I just read a post where a Mother was ‘saying goodbye to fear’. What an accomplishment!

Happy New Moon ♡

Keeping the Faith, A Beautiful Society.


It seems I am experiencing life where I am guided to Keep the Faith (Work / Schooling / Money / Life’s Passions).

My initial purpose, I guess is to share the vision for Heaven on Earth. I have had time to share ideas and insights on my Facebook Page, however not so much here.

Keeping the Faith the bills will get paid.

Keeping the Faith all will pan out naturally.

Keeping the Faith that a world that works for everyone is real.

Yes I have had days where I am like, what is the point? Who cares? I can’t do this anymore. Money has been on my mind a lot lately, glad to recognise such worries, as I can set them free.

A world that works for everyone is something that the 7 Billion people on the planet can participate in. The truth is there are many people who are part of creating a world that is beautiful. Organic food lovers, home made-ers and pray-ers, truth-tellers and those choosing a new way of living.

I guess this is an example of what can be achieved by people around the world, for a just and beautiful society. Debt relief.

Iceland Forgives Entire Population of its Debt. Total US Media Blackout.


You can read about it here. http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/iceland-forgives-entire-population-of-its-debt-total-us-media-blackout/



So let’s keep the Faith.


A Night of Joy

I have been writing little the past few months, personally writing yes, but not so much here on this blog. I recently moved to a new place, end of year commitments, dental surgery for my son, Christmas / New Years, family challenges out of my control, job hunting and house hunting. No wonder I have been not been writing.

So the last few weeks have really been a time of rest, glad it is school holidays, school feels like such a huge commitment. This could be the ‘newbie’ to kids and schooling. Yes extremely glad for the quiet time, no real commitments, besides job hunting. As if Motherhood is not a real commitment in itself. Hello!

Really the last few weeks have been a time of rejuvenation, contemplation and letting go of any old baggage for the year ahead. My body has felt just broken, tender and tired. I won’t lie, there were some really tough circumstances I had to will myself to be HERE and NOW. To say NO MORE.

I had hoped the decision for re-birthing this blog would have come about already, obviously it has not, but I remind myself, you cannot beat a tree to grow, life flows, and all unfolds in divine timing.

So I wanted to share this photo and moment I had a week or so ago, which was magical and a milestone – spiritually. I felt a divine reunion with nature, with life, I was laughing and crying and felt ‘God’ returning to me. I could play again with life itself, I could laugh again, just purely out of being here.

There is a divineness in life that many people are missing, a loneliness or ‘something’ not quite right. The beauty after experiencing this, all you need do is let go, and reunite with what is rightfully you.

As each person reunites with life and who they are personally, how could we not build a heavenly earth together.

Diana xxoo

Rainbow Shine.


Little Charley Bear (C) BBC. Photo from ABC4Kids Australia.

Been feeling sad about the closure of old relationships and old way of living. It is obviously a new start for me, so I’m annoyed a little annoyed that this has come up.

No better reason, than to let this sadness go, so this rainbow can shine.

Thanks Little Charley Bear xx