*  Notice: I am currently not offering these services due to Personal & Family Commitments.


It’s great to be back at work. And I never thought that I would be saying ‘I love my work’, even though that has been my goal in life. To enjoy the work I do, and to enjoy life.

Product Development.

New Products and Design. My desire for genuine service(s) is what I can assist with. Using Sustainability Principles and True Service I can coach the birth of new products and services.

Introductory Fee. Agreed Donation Fee.

New Life Business Rejuvenation Package.

This Service is all about Intuitive Consulting for Business. My skills include cleansing, harmonising, uplifting, spaces. Either using my intuitive guidance, natural creative abilities, or energetic infusing.

This is a great service for those that feel business is a little slow or in need of a revamp.

Introductory Offer of $60.00 visit for 30 minutes.

Community Rejuvenation Package.

There is something special about gatherings that makes my heart melt. I have extensive knowledge and researched beyond, traditional Sustainability Consulting.

My goals for communities and individuals are empowerment, self-sufficiency and rejuvenation.

Introductory Fee. Agreed Donation Fee.

New Life New Earth Workshops.

My New Earth Living Workshops are about understanding life on New Earth. Introducing New Concepts and Practices to allow for greater ease for life on New Earth.

Heart-Consciousness. Understanding the Driver for the shift to a New Lifestyle and way of living.

The Future of Humanity as I have been gifted with.

Living By Virtue. Application of Virtues for a Good Life and Getting Off the Old Grid of ‘Hardship, Turmoil, Lack’.

Fee. To be Determined.


Please contact me via the Contact Form for appointment bookings or questions.

*Can visit Local Melbourne businesses at this point.


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