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**I declare PEACE**


A beautiful team of people and a big some have committed to anchoring peace on earth for humanity, for Gaia.

Valentine’s Day, which continues on for the northern hemisphere is where we can all be part of anchoring peace.

To end war and violence and restore equality. To end war within is to end war around the world. Would you like to be part of this? All there is to do is declare peace.

Each citizen around the globe has the power to do this. Funny how something so powerful and yet so simple has been overlooked.

Diana, Loving New Earth


Make A Wish Day – It’s 11.11


I have to say I’ve learned so much about numerology in the past few years. A good graduation from data analysis days. The 11.11 door/date is something I’ve been looking forward to. Just because it’s (unofficial) MAKE A WISH DAY!! 11.11 is considered a number code that opens a time for manifesting. With the 11th of November being a day of this numerological code.

An ancient teaching making a come back. Numbers resonate to frequencies of energy. Hence why this day would be considered a potent one. I feel a another post about numbers and frequencies coming soon.

There seems to be a few meanings for this number code. Some refer it to a wake up call to be mindful of your thoughts and stay positive. Others signify it to mean ‘you are on the right path, and all is well’. My most favourite explanation for this number code is an opening between Heaven and Earth. Yay!

So let’s have some fun with this! Know those walls, knock ’em down and DREAM BIG!

Happy dreams come true.


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