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Jupiter Rising sucker for love xxoo


I just watched my first 3D film, Jupiter Rising and I enjoyed it! I don’t go to the cinemas often and I do not really watch war films or things that are gruesome or out to scare you. But this film really covers so many aspects of ‘truth’ that many people have not come by yet in this lifetime.

I can’t believe the best bit in the entire film, or the part where I started to enjoy the film, as they cover the farmhouse of bees and flowers, there is a white orchid with a bee flying about it, I was in wonder. Wow. Following with Jupiter’s flow with the bees. Loved it.

I walked away so pleased, especially with the added romantic theme to the story. I did feel a sense of remembrance for why I am here, that I love Earth! Yes there is so much beauty here!

Even though it doesn’t really teach you about reincarnation I thought it was great how they covered it, there was a great bit about Earth’s history that seems to ring true somewhat. Not to mention the awesome abilities and technologies we can look forward too – not talking about the weaponry! ha!

Sucker for love xxoo


**I declare PEACE**


A beautiful team of people and a big some have committed to anchoring peace on earth for humanity, for Gaia.

Valentine’s Day, which continues on for the northern hemisphere is where we can all be part of anchoring peace.

To end war and violence and restore equality. To end war within is to end war around the world. Would you like to be part of this? All there is to do is declare peace.

Each citizen around the globe has the power to do this. Funny how something so powerful and yet so simple has been overlooked.

Diana, Loving New Earth

Melbourne Sighting, UFOs

Wow this is my first recording of a UFO sighting in Melbourne. My actual first sighting was a bright blue light hovering over the eastern freeway, and there are no blue lights on the freeway to my understanding. But this recent sighting is definitely not a hallucination because I wasn’t the only one who saw them. Yay! My son saw them, a neighbour saw them and I found someone online who saw them. Ha!

As soon as I saw them floating by, I just stood in my tracks! I literally froze and was like WT??? They were so close to us as if floating above the apartment blocks. We ran inside to get a camera. The footage though looks as if they are miles away. At first I thought they were floating lanterns, lanterns with a remote control?? haha. When you see a lantern they usually give off a hue, no these lights were bright orange colour. Then they just peacefully and purposefully drifted to the clouds.

And you know what’s funny? I’m definitely not new to paranormal or weird phenomenon and thoughts such as “there’s got to be a logical explanation to this” came up. Then there’s ‘if it can’t be proven then it’s not real’. Yeah scientists have played that one for two long, that’s got a use by date that ended last century. Essentially old ideas and beliefs served to protect us from the unknown and or to discredit.

But hey as a contribution to pushing the boundaries of human consciousness, I’d like to share…. you don’t need a logical explanation to know truth.

Here’s a pic of what we were able to capture on video. Will upload as soon as I can. The haze on the top right is actually from a building light.


Melbourne UFO Sighting, 18 December 2014.

Diana xxoo

A Bell Rings, and Angel Wings


Today was the first day my chimes/bells at the window began to ring. So gently, so un-expected. They have been hanging there for two months now. We were both startled, my son and I. Even he knew they had not rung yet.

They say every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings…! It reminds me of a book I have yet to read, ‘We are the Human Angels’.

This image is from an animation from Japan called Sailor Moon. I completely loved this series and was drawn to it, which was about what seemed like ordinary girls by day, were actually superheroes by night.  Each of the superheroes were secretly incarnated on to Earth, their true birth origins lay hidden until their time to REMEMBER.

Spreading my wings and hope you are too, Diana.

Image Source. Animepaper.net via Imagebase.info. Copyright Sailor Moon Anime.