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**I declare PEACE**


A beautiful team of people and a big some have committed to anchoring peace on earth for humanity, for Gaia.

Valentine’s Day, which continues on for the northern hemisphere is where we can all be part of anchoring peace.

To end war and violence and restore equality. To end war within is to end war around the world. Would you like to be part of this? All there is to do is declare peace.

Each citizen around the globe has the power to do this. Funny how something so powerful and yet so simple has been overlooked.

Diana, Loving New Earth



Beginning of Heaven on Earth

I feel inspired to write this post prior to a major leap that is about to happen to humanity. People (who have yet to feel this) are going to discover something they have never experienced in this lifetime, something so special!

I feel these blissful energies around me, through me, much similar to the gateway of 12.12.12 to 24.12.12. This is yet another gateway of beautiful new energies that are going to be shared with everyone.

Have you noticed you’ve been going through some memory lane stuff. Photos, memories, thoughts of the past. All for healing and releasing for the new.

You might be feeling joy, happiness, just plain ecstasy. Haha, plain. Something feels so nice and pure! You ask yourself… what was that?… was that real?… is this for real? Yes it is. Something’s different but you can’t put your finger on it. You feel like everything is fine, and you wonder ‘why did I ever worry at all?’.

For many, their spiritual aspect of themselves has been dormant. And now many people are waking up to many miracles that were thought impossible or left back in time for mystics. Things that were shared in spiritual texts will have more significance and truth than once expected. Words will become clearer and you will know the meaning behind them. Have you been scratching your head a lot lately? Haha, yes this is waking up to spiritual thought and a greater awareness of life.

Things will not seem as they are and people will find more joy in life than ever before. You may be feeling mellowness, exhaustion. Yes! Just enjoy it. These are waves of new energies pouring onto the planet. Some may be feeling down right angry or impatient. Let go.

It’s Heaven on Earth. It’s the beginning, but it’s already begun. I wish you happy sailing through these wonderful energies!

Falling in love again,

Diana xxoo

Shifting to New Earth, WAVES OF LOVE!


Been feeling a lovey dovey in the air? Been tearing up easily? Or feeling out of sorts?  I wanted to share a short message about a WAVE OF LOVE that is happening as we speak.

This Wave of Love is a major shift in energies that began early this year. The Lunar Eclipse (14-15th April), the Cardinal Grand Cross (23rd-24th April) and thereafter marks the next phase of energies to heal and uplift Humanity.

Dubbed “THE EVENT”, it is a time where many, and I mean, many, people are said to experience a love they never experienced before in this lifetime. Feelings of bliss, joy, happiness, compassion for others, a remembering.

A shift to ‘Heart Consciousness’ means dramatic change within oneself, transforming relationships, transforming communities, transforming workplaces, transforming governments. Shifting humanity on an EVOLUTIONARY scale by the sound and feel of things.

Yes this is something gooey for your insides… I’m looking forward to some magical changes.


Wishing you a peaceful, easy WAVE OF LOVE for NEW EARTH! 🙂


Photo Credit. flickr.com/photos/geezaweezer/7346612654. Via photopin.com.

Launching Loving New Earth!!


Welcome, Welcome to Loving New Earth!

So happy to be feeling the ‘go-ahead’ and opening up to ‘freedom-ness’.  What better time than the beginning of the astrological year.

I can’t wait to share my love for living on New Earth and what that means for all of us.  Yes, we do have a bit of work ahead of us to materialise this (not to mention my pile of crap needing some attention…)  But this is the fun part!  I hope you are as excited as I am.

Love, Peace and Happiness for All on New Earth xxoo