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Wisdom from the Trees.


Wisdom from the Trees.

Stand Tall.





Let go.


I recently spent the afternoon at the Dandenongs on a wet and cold day.  I was not in the best of spirits but I managed to return home with some wisdom from my visit to the Sherbrooke Forest. Thank you Trees. Thank you Gaia.

Photo by Me, Diana Jurik.


Merry Christmas

Dated 25.12.2014

Hello all, just wanted to say a merry christmas to you all and thank you for coming to join this space.

Christmas day was really quiet, had a really simple feast down by the river with my son. Some time at the playground, only to find friends sitting right about us. Two cockatoos. I’ve often come across them, either flying by in flocks or hanging about, when I feel a little unsure of what I’m doing or where I”m going. I feel a sense of relief when I see them, yes you are right where you’re meant to be.

I’m really happy to have had such a quiet Christmas, especially with the steam and stress of christmas people are feeling.  Being by the river and trees was enough.

Went for a stroll with my sister through Fitzroy in the evening, encountering a few that were wandering the streets also. It’s pretty quiet here in Melbourne, a lot of people go away, and Fitzroy is not it’s usual flair. But it’s nice.

Food and access is pretty good here, we have access to some of the best foods and the choice is unbelievable. People on a budget can still put on a feast. Definite gratitude for abundance here in Melbourne.

Joy from Melbourne xxoo