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Pain, Me and UNITY

I’ve been experiencing pain, with my back, neck and left side of my face. Until this pain or even heartbreak, life was pretty easy, seeing the solution was easy, feeling that sense of community and WE (Unity) was easy.

I had no idea how experiencing pain could change things, things that were simple to a miraculous achievement. Such as, getting up from bed. Feeling the Joy of life. Feeling the capacity to do things such as work. The ability to move. Typing this post from my mini-smart phone is a miracle.

Not a pleasant experience being a Mother. I much prefer patience, love and kindness.

So I guess this an opportunity to resolve some old pain, allow compassion to emerge. A new appreciation for life. A new appreciation and love for my body. Re-emerging from me to WE.

Let’s pray for a smooth adjustment for ALL ♡

Diana ♡


A Night of Joy

I have been writing little the past few months, personally writing yes, but not so much here on this blog. I recently moved to a new place, end of year commitments, dental surgery for my son, Christmas / New Years, family challenges out of my control, job hunting and house hunting. No wonder I have been not been writing.

So the last few weeks have really been a time of rest, glad it is school holidays, school feels like such a huge commitment. This could be the ‘newbie’ to kids and schooling. Yes extremely glad for the quiet time, no real commitments, besides job hunting. As if Motherhood is not a real commitment in itself. Hello!

Really the last few weeks have been a time of rejuvenation, contemplation and letting go of any old baggage for the year ahead. My body has felt just broken, tender and tired. I won’t lie, there were some really tough circumstances I had to will myself to be HERE and NOW. To say NO MORE.

I had hoped the decision for re-birthing this blog would have come about already, obviously it has not, but I remind myself, you cannot beat a tree to grow, life flows, and all unfolds in divine timing.

So I wanted to share this photo and moment I had a week or so ago, which was magical and a milestone – spiritually. I felt a divine reunion with nature, with life, I was laughing and crying and felt ‘God’ returning to me. I could play again with life itself, I could laugh again, just purely out of being here.

There is a divineness in life that many people are missing, a loneliness or ‘something’ not quite right. The beauty after experiencing this, all you need do is let go, and reunite with what is rightfully you.

As each person reunites with life and who they are personally, how could we not build a heavenly earth together.

Diana xxoo