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Tranquility, Peacefulness and Clarity by the Water


Yarra River, Fairfield VIC

Dated 28.12.2014

There’s nothing better than some time by the river, beach or water park for some tranquility and peacefulness. I had a bit of a uneasy afternoon and soon found myself by the river. Soon after feeling refreshed, clear and peaceful.

Water will play such an important role in 2015, and it’s really important to ensure you are getting sufficient water into your bodies, especially those who may be experiencing mental illness/tension. This will help to cleanse and allow your body’s energy to flow with ease.

There will also be some significant water related events next year that will help to cleanse and clear away old structures and energies. Let go of any fears to do with water, whether it be fears to do with natural occurrences or lack of water. Gratitude for water goes along way.

Many people are unaware of the healing and cleansing power of water. There were those bible stories of baptisms in the river, but I didn’t really understand that at the time. I thought it was just symbolic.

If you are feeling a bit unsettled, anxious or frustrated, some time near water can help to balance your thoughts and emotions. Placing your feet in water, like at the beach will greatly help to stabilise and rejuvenate you.

Connecting with water is also beneficial for those who are experiencing depression or sadness. Water cleanses and heals excess emotions and thoughts that might be lingering in your energy field.

If you are at home and cannot get to a river or the beach, the next best thing is to imagine you are sitting by the river or by the beach touching or being in the water. Just as easy, open up a photo of a favourite water spot and you will feel an immediate relief.

The river in the photo is the main river in Melbourne, the Yarra River, the part before the water flows past the city. This part of the river gets a lot of traffic being inner city, but mainly because there is a boathouse restaurant on the bank.

The health at this end of the river doesn’t appear too great, rubbish floating by, a bit of oil. There is still a great deal of life happening, eels, snakes, fish and many birds. Dragonflys are a good sign of health. Many Melbournians would tell you against swimming or touching the water. Others are not so fussed. If you get a chance, it is worth visiting the upper reaches in Warburton and Warrandyte.

Wishing you tranquility, peacefulness and clarity,

Diana xxoo



Beginning of Heaven on Earth

I feel inspired to write this post prior to a major leap that is about to happen to humanity. People (who have yet to feel this) are going to discover something they have never experienced in this lifetime, something so special!

I feel these blissful energies around me, through me, much similar to the gateway of 12.12.12 to 24.12.12. This is yet another gateway of beautiful new energies that are going to be shared with everyone.

Have you noticed you’ve been going through some memory lane stuff. Photos, memories, thoughts of the past. All for healing and releasing for the new.

You might be feeling joy, happiness, just plain ecstasy. Haha, plain. Something feels so nice and pure! You ask yourself… what was that?… was that real?… is this for real? Yes it is. Something’s different but you can’t put your finger on it. You feel like everything is fine, and you wonder ‘why did I ever worry at all?’.

For many, their spiritual aspect of themselves has been dormant. And now many people are waking up to many miracles that were thought impossible or left back in time for mystics. Things that were shared in spiritual texts will have more significance and truth than once expected. Words will become clearer and you will know the meaning behind them. Have you been scratching your head a lot lately? Haha, yes this is waking up to spiritual thought and a greater awareness of life.

Things will not seem as they are and people will find more joy in life than ever before. You may be feeling mellowness, exhaustion. Yes! Just enjoy it. These are waves of new energies pouring onto the planet. Some may be feeling down right angry or impatient. Let go.

It’s Heaven on Earth. It’s the beginning, but it’s already begun. I wish you happy sailing through these wonderful energies!

Falling in love again,

Diana xxoo

Memoir of New Earth ~ Rising with the Dawn

Rising with the Dawn.

The past few weeks have been unbelievable and somewhat surreal.  Pause. Reflection. Rejuvenation. How can this be happening? How can I take this seriously? Are my dreams really possible?

I let got of the hopelessness. I let go of the doubt. Letting go of the ideas that I could be wrong. Stepping up after being feeling down. Rising with the Dawn.

There’s been some false starts, where things felt like they were moving ahead, and they have. But not like this feeling. Not like these energies. It is going to be amazing to see what unfolds in the next few months.

Something I have waited for years. Preparing. Searching. Healing. Rejuvenating. I feel as if the slate has wiped clean and its all SYSTEMS GO FOR NEW EARTH >>> THERE IS NOTHING TO STOP YOU NOW.

Just before the Solar Eclipse and Full Moon of October I had a visual of a gradation of light. From dark to light. I knew this last intense and current flow of energies to earth were taking us fully out of haze. Fully into light.  What an amazing time.

Has it really been a month since the last full moon?  It has been weeks to assemble and navigate this new feeling, these burst of energies. Settling into this new space. Things have seemed to be still and quiet for most of the time.

This feels like the deep breath before the race, unveiling the light for New Earth beings, I am feeling a sense of how powerful things are going to be. I see this vision of a burst of inner light. So bright, so pure, it’s going to change the face of the planet.

So surreal.  Words can’t describe that which I am feeling. Could this be real?  Someone tell me! Breath, heal, reflect, and enjoy this moment before the horn fully sounds. Your life is just about take on a whole new performance.

Stepping Up,

Diana xxoo