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Memoirs of New Earth ~ Vulnerability

I have been feeling vulnerable lately, around people, around situations I would not normally feel uncomfortable at. But I guess this is what is, being comfortable in this newness, like a new born, aware of the surroundings, scared of what might happen. Should I come out? I don’t know. Peering to the light. Of course it is a YES.

My eyes, adjusting to the light. How can I feel vulnerable in the light? All will be okay.


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Milestone for Me!

Today is a MASSIVE MILESTONE, you can now DONATE to Loving New Earth. I’ve been dedicated to sharing at Loving New Earth for over a year now!

This is actually quite huge, I was really reluctant to open the door for donations for a while, feeling it was out of ‘having to’ rather than choosing to. So I’m glad to open this door now, for hope joy and abundance. Although I have been treading water of late, it’s been a sheer joy to have come this far.

YAY and thank you to those who have shown their support and enjoyed this space. With new stuff coming I hope this continues to shine for a bright New World.

Donations can be done via Paypal. Please visit the GIVE page.

Diana xxoo

Memoir of New Earth ~ Rising with the Dawn

Rising with the Dawn.

The past few weeks have been unbelievable and somewhat surreal.  Pause. Reflection. Rejuvenation. How can this be happening? How can I take this seriously? Are my dreams really possible?

I let got of the hopelessness. I let go of the doubt. Letting go of the ideas that I could be wrong. Stepping up after being feeling down. Rising with the Dawn.

There’s been some false starts, where things felt like they were moving ahead, and they have. But not like this feeling. Not like these energies. It is going to be amazing to see what unfolds in the next few months.

Something I have waited for years. Preparing. Searching. Healing. Rejuvenating. I feel as if the slate has wiped clean and its all SYSTEMS GO FOR NEW EARTH >>> THERE IS NOTHING TO STOP YOU NOW.

Just before the Solar Eclipse and Full Moon of October I had a visual of a gradation of light. From dark to light. I knew this last intense and current flow of energies to earth were taking us fully out of haze. Fully into light.  What an amazing time.

Has it really been a month since the last full moon?  It has been weeks to assemble and navigate this new feeling, these burst of energies. Settling into this new space. Things have seemed to be still and quiet for most of the time.

This feels like the deep breath before the race, unveiling the light for New Earth beings, I am feeling a sense of how powerful things are going to be. I see this vision of a burst of inner light. So bright, so pure, it’s going to change the face of the planet.

So surreal.  Words can’t describe that which I am feeling. Could this be real?  Someone tell me! Breath, heal, reflect, and enjoy this moment before the horn fully sounds. Your life is just about take on a whole new performance.

Stepping Up,

Diana xxoo