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A Bell Rings, and Angel Wings


Today was the first day my chimes/bells at the window began to ring. So gently, so un-expected. They have been hanging there for two months now. We were both startled, my son and I. Even he knew they had not rung yet.

They say every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings…! It reminds me of a book I have yet to read, ‘We are the Human Angels’.

This image is from an animation from Japan called Sailor Moon. I completely loved this series and was drawn to it, which was about what seemed like ordinary girls by day, were actually superheroes by night.  Each of the superheroes were secretly incarnated on to Earth, their true birth origins lay hidden until their time to REMEMBER.

Spreading my wings and hope you are too, Diana.

Image Source. Animepaper.net via Imagebase.info. Copyright Sailor Moon Anime.